Can I split my monthly payment into two installments?

Yes, you can make your monthly payment in two installments. 

If you meet eligibility requirements, you can scheduled two automatic recurring payments per month (more information here). If you are not eligible, or if you prefer to schedule them manually, you can schedule multiple payments manually every month, or schedule one automatic recurring payment per month plus as many manually scheduled payments as you like. 

Automatic recurring payments will occur on the same day every month. Manually scheduled payments can occur on different days, depending on when you choose to schedule them.

To make a split payment on your Upstart dashboard, you’ll need to take two steps. Let’s review an example:

Pay days are the September 1st and 15th, the due date is the September 28th of each month, and the monthly payment is $500.

  1. Click the “Modify Monthly Payments” button to change all the recurring monthly payments to debit $250 starting on September 2nd. Moving forward the payments will debit on the 2nd of each month.
  2. Then click “Make a One-Time Payment" to schedule individual $250 one-time payments for the upcoming months on the 16th. This way you will ensure you pay your full monthly amount.

Once you’ve done this you will see a recurring payment for $250 each month and a one time payment for $250 each month.

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