How do I view my current obligations, when payment is due and other details about my loan?

Elements of the new payment card

  1. What was the change to the dashboard?

We made changes to the dashboard to make important information clear to our customers after listening to our customers’ feedback. You’ll notice the dashboard now shows a large number, which is meant to show the account’s current obligations. In addition, it includes instructions or clarifications of how payments apply.

  1. How do I update my payment preference or schedule a payment?

To update your payment preference, open “Scheduled Payments” section and you will see the “Edit Recurring” or “Add Recurring” button. This feature will allow you to update/add automatic payments as well as to turn off recurring payments.

To schedule a one-time payment, this option is now located in the same box that displays your account status with the next upcoming pay cycle.

If you would like to pay your loan in full, the “Pay Off Loan” button is located in the “Repayment Summary” box.

  1. What does the big number show?

The big number reflects what is currently owed including past due and the current unmet obligations. Any payments that have been submitted on or before the current day will be applied to the amount due.

If your account is current but you have not yet paid the monthly amount before the next due date, it will show the unpaid amount. If you’ve already paid before the next due date. It will show $0.

If your account is past due, the dashboard will now reflect specific actions needed for the current pay cycle along with the obligation needed for the upcoming payment cycle, instead of displaying the number of days past due at the top. Dates and action will be specified dependent on the status of your account, current or past due.


  1. What do the different colors on the amount mean?

The different colors indicate the status of your account.

    1. Green: Your account is current. A message “All Caught up!” will be displayed along with the next upcoming payment due date and amount if you’ve made a payment for the current period, and no payment is owed.

    2. Orange: Your account is past due but it is within the grace period. The amount in orange displays the amount owed before a late fee is assessed. In the subtext, there will be a date to advise when is the latest you can schedule a payment to avoid a fee and what the fee amount may be.

    3. Red:Your account is past past due and it is past the grace period. A late fee may have been assessed. The amount in red shows the total unpaid balance by the next due date. This includes all past due amount plus the amount owed by the next due date.

Due date(s)

  1. What are the dates shown in the payments owed section?

This section displays what you owe and when the amount is due. You may see 2 different dates. 1 date will represent the current cycle and the other date will be the next due date for the upcoming cycle.

If your account is late but still within the grace period, you may also see the last date to make a payment before the late fee is assessed.

Lastly, you may also see a date with a minimum amount that needs to be paid to prevent further actions on the account, such as debt acceleration.


  1. What are the notification changes?

If there is a future scheduled payment, one-time payments or recurring automatic payments, a banner will now be displayed at the top of your dashboard as a reminder until the payment is processed.

Same day payment: If a payment is submitted and scheduled for the same day, there will be a message at the top of the dashboard to notify that has been made and to allow up to 2 business days for the payment to clear.

Extra payments: If an additional payment or amount is made, the difference in the amount from your monthly obligation will be presented.

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