What can I expect when I apply?

Applying for a loan begins with submitting a rate inquiry on Upstart's website. If you're interested in checking your rate, you can start by going to www.upstart.com and clicking on the “Check Your Rate” button in the center of the page.  If you accept your rate, you will be prompted to complete an application by verifying your bank account and possibly uploading some supporting documents.  If your application is approved, you will be asked to review final disclosures and sign a promissory note.

Please be wary of scams which ask for payments by gift cards (such as an iTunes or Walmart gift card) or through money order. Upstart will never request payment through a gift card or money order upfront from an applicant who has not yet received a loan. Borrowers can find payment instructions by logging into their account.

Upstart also does not conduct cold call marketing campaigns. If you receive a phone call with a loan offer from Upstart and you are not already a customer with us, please be aware that this call may be fraudulent. Upstart will also never request your login password through email. If you are ever uncertain about whether a communication from Upstart is legitimate or not, please give us a call at 650-204-1000 or email us at support@upstart.com.

You can read more about steps for protecting yourself from scams in this article from the Federal Trade Commission. 

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