Will my loan be publicly visible on Upstart?

No, your loan will not be visible publicly on Upstart.com.

If you accept your loan, it will automatically be allocated to one of two investment channels based on a random allocation methodology determined by us:

- The first allows investors on the Upstart site to purchase loans through Upstart Network Trust. We share some of your information with investors. This is limited to your loan terms, repayment history and loan status, information about your most recent degree, current income, what you intended to use your loan proceeds for, and your credit score within a 10 point range.

- The second allows investors to purchase 100% of your loan directly from us. We provide information about you included in your application, including personally identifiable, financial, and credit information, and your loan terms to these investors in advance of their purchase of your loan. As the servicer of your loan we will also share information we obtain in servicing your loan, including about your repayments, to these investors, who become the creditor, or any subsequent purchaser of your loan.

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